Minor Character Names

Would you like to see your name (first name only) used as a minor character in one of the Capital City Murders novellas? As you know, each of the stories is set in a U.S. state capital city, but you don’t have to live there to “be a part of the story.” Here are the terms and details:

  • We can take a maximum of five contributed names per story
  • We reserve the right to decline your contribution if it’s a duplicate name or for any other reason
  • The authors and their staff have the sole choice of the character depiction for your name
  • We reserve the right to change release dates and to modify the order of releases
  • If accepted, your name will be used in the book, and you will be acknowledged in the back of the book (first name and city)
  • That mention is your sole and complete compensation for including your name in the book — except for your own bragging rights, of course!
  • Once we accept your name to be used in a book, we will ask you to tell 10 friends (more is OKAY) that you’re going to be in one of the books (we’ll send a suggested blurb, no one will be asked to buy anything!)
  • By submitting your name, you are agreeing to these terms and details

Below is a listing of the capital cities (and number of names available) in order of their scheduled e-book release dates (one a month). Click on a city link for more detail about that specific city.

If you see a capital city that interests you, click here to send us an email with your name, which city you want, and the city you live in.

Olympia, Washington — released June 12, 2019
Salem, Oregon — released July 10, 2019
Sacramento, California — released August 14, 2019
Carson City, Nevada — released September 11, 2019
Boise, Idaho — released October 9, 2019
Helena, Montana — released November 13, 2019
Bismarck, North Dakota — to release December 11, 2019

The following release in 2020 and beyond, one per month:
Pierre, South Dakota (5 4)
Cheyenne, Wyoming (5)
Denver, Colorado (5 4)
Salt Lake City, Utah (5 4)
Phoenix, Arizona (5 4)
Santa Fe, New Mexico (5)
Austin, Texas (5 4 3 2)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (5)
Topeka, Kansas (5)
Lincoln, Nebraska (5 4)
Des Moines, Iowa (5 4)
St. Paul, Minnesota (5 4)
Madison, Wisconsin (5)
Springfield, Illinois (5)
Jefferson City, Missouri (5)
Little Rock, Arkansas (5)
Baton Rouge, Louisiana (5)
Jackson, Mississippi (5)
Montgomery, Alabama (5)
Tallahassee, Florida (5)
Atlanta, Georgia (5 4)
Columbia, South Carolina (5 4)
Raleigh, North Carolina (5 4)
Nashville, Tennessee (5)
Frankfort, Kentucky (5)
Indianapolis, Indiana (5)
Lansing, Michigan (5 4 3)
Columbus, Ohio (5)
Charleston, West Virginia (5)
Richmond, Virginia (5)
Annapolis, Maryland (5)
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (5 4)
Dover, Delaware (5)
Trenton, New Jersey (5)
Albany, New York (5 4)
Hartford, Connecticut (5)
Providence, Rhode Island (5)
Boston, Massachusetts (5)
Montpelier, Vermont (5)
Concord, New Hampshire (5)
Augusta, Maine (5)
Juneau, Alaska (5)
Honolulu, Hawaii (5)

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