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This is the page where you’ll find all the Capital City Murders books. Grab your free copy of Introduction to Nick, and start reading a new story each month. Books will be releasing on the second Wednesday of each month. Want to see other reader reviews? CLICK HERE for links to all the reviews.

Bookstores and other Book Sellers–click on links below for the one-sheet file (PDF format) that includes ISBN, page count, plus ordering and other key information for each printed compilation of 5 books:
> The Wicked West (books 1-5)
> The Nick of Time (books 6-10)

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Books 1, 2, 3: Olympia, Washington — Salem, Oregon — Sacramento, California

Olympia Salem Sacramento

Books 4, 5: Carson City, Nevada — Boise, Idaho — PLUS Compilation of Books 1-5

Carson City Boise

Books 6, 7, 8: Helena, Montana — Bismarck, North Dakota — Pierre, South Dakota

Books 9, 10: Cheyenne, Wyoming — Denver, Colorado — PLUS Compilation of Books 6-10

Book 11: Salt Lake City, Utah

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