“I’m enjoying the journey across the country with Nick and his camera, finding dead bodies and solving crimes. 50 Capitals. 50 Murders. 50 Months. I’ll be with Troy Lambert and Stuart Gustafson as they explore each state capital in this fun series of novella mysteries, each one the perfect size for an evening’s read” — Bruce DeLaney, co-owner of Rediscovered Books

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THE STORY: Nick O’Flannigan is on assignment from Travel USA magazine to visit and photograph particular items in each U.S. state capital in one year. He will start in his current home state of Washington, and follow a prescribed path to spend one week in each state, doing his traveling on the weekend.

Fifty states, one week each state — that’s all doable in one year for Nick; right?
Nick was hired for the assignment because of his attention to detail, an aspect of his photography that led him to found a Macro Photography website that he still runs and moderates today. As he enters each capital city, he learns of a recent murder (or murders) and there is something in the photographs that catches his eye. It is this attention to keen detail that sets him on a path to helping the authorities solve each case.

THE SERIES: Books #1 to #10 are now available on the BOOKS page! Each subsequent book will be available the second Wednesday of each successive month. YES; that is one new mystery for you to read each month!
>Believe me, you do not want to fall behind!

SO, WHO IS NICK?: You do want to know more about Nick; where was he born; where did he go to school; why is he into photography; what does he look like? Learn that and more when you read the FREE copy of “Introduction to Nick” on the BOOKS page.

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